1. and if you look to your left, you may notice a certain sexy gentleman posing for your entertainment





  4. Massive line outside Five Guys. Apparently it’s really popular in London too. You got the American flag right along side the British one and everything.


  5. psh tourists. as in me


  6. The Telephone.

    Went to Covent Garden, Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Shoreditch, and Ealing all in one day. Exhausted but got to see more of London :D and also great pictures. 

    More pics to be uploaded later.


  7. um…bro


  8. The Queen for Sale


  9. seek Truth


  10. haven’t taken out my camera in a long time
    should be less lazy and take pictures more often. tis good for ze soul


  11. ambiguity clarity 



  13. leaves have veins too
    the unbalanced symmetry in nature blows my mind

    order and freedom
    such freedom in order 


  14. the most mundane of things can be beautiful. you just need to stop and look. 
    i don’t want to live life in a blur. i dont want to waste life chasing after or being chased by things that don’t matter. I want to be fully aware, awake, experiencing every moment of life.


  15. yet again, my bathroom